LN Route website update

Because of the increasing number of people visiting this website, I decided to give it an update. This is work in progress and a lot of things still need to be done. For now, I simply copied the links from the old page, but content will be revised, edited and added over the next weeks.

Also, because development and implementations are moving so rapidly, some links on the site may be outdated. I will go through and fix these during  the next days.

It’s difficult and time consuming for me to keep track of all the new Lightning resources and implementations that pop up on the Internet. So please feel free to suggest additions and corrections. You can reach me by email at hello@lnroute.com

Hosting and maintaining lnroute.com is my contribution to the Bitcoin and Lightning community.  Please feel free to support, by sending a donation in BTC to 3DJkXEPc6RBuDTpXXznXCjoHvHnEMRvWmm.


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Is the information listed here wrong or outdated? Do you have a Lightning service that is not listed on the site? Just send us an email.