Lightning Labs releases new Desktop App

Lightning Labs released a complete redesign of its Lightning desktop app, with much improved backend light client support.

After downloading the Mac OS version, the one-click installation and synching took merely a couple of minutes. The app has a beautiful design and is easy to use for non-technical users.

At first startup, the app generates a backup seed, which you can use to recover your wallet in case of a breakdown.

Once the wallet has been funded with testnet coins, the autopilot will automatically open and fund channels. You can also manually open channels to specific nodes. For security reasons, the amount per channel is limited to 0.16 BTC.

At this moment the app still connects to a bitcoin full node cluster hosted by Lightning Labs. But as Neutrino light client support progresses however, the app will run as a standalone wallet. Optionally, users can still run their own full node and have the app connect to it if they want to. Users do not however need to run a separate lnd node.

This version currently runs on Lightning Testnet, but a Mainnet version will be available soon.

Read the full story on the Lightning Labs Blog.


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