Casa recently announced the Casa Node, a plug-and-play full node for Bitcoin and Lightning in an elegant design. The first batch (delivery october) sold out in just one hour, and the second batch (delivery november) by the end of the first day of sales. So if you order now, you’ll have to wait until december to get delivery.

The Casa Lightning node has a Raspberry Pi 3B+ and a 1TB Seagate HDD inside. It comes with a hard drive adapter cable, a 3 foot Ethernet cable and an AC power adapter. It can be yours for $300 (+ shipping costs).

This preconfigured node offers a number of great features and a nice GUI to control and maintain the box.

  • Use autopilot or manual channels
  • Receive Lightning Payments (requires 24/7 online)
  • Private names for any channel
  • A blockchain “validate from scratch” feature
  • Node nicknames

More info here:


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