Zap Desktop 0.2.2 has been released

A new update of the ZAP Lightning Wallet for Desktop (version 0.2.2) has just been released. The update includes tons of bug fixes, new features and stability improvements.

If you have the previous version of Zap Desktop already installed on your system, then you will be given an auto-update option on startup. New users can download the software from

Zap 0.2.2 comes packaged with the all new Lightning Network Daemon 0.5 which includes reliability improvements, tons of optimisations, Neutrino improvements, and private channel + routing flags used in Zap.

Zap now supports 19 different languages and 25 different fiat currencies configurable in the user settings.

The Zap user interface now supports multiple themes, which is just the beginning of some major UI/UX changes that will be going into Zap over the coming months.

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