Eclair v0.2-beta6 is available

ACINQ’s Lightning daemon Eclair (desktop/server) just got a maintenance upgrade to v0.2-beta6 which includes many important improvements and bug fixes, including

  • improved reporting, more readable and parseable logs, with a default rolling policy (one log file per day)
  • support for channel range queries, a feature which will speed-up routing table synchronization. This is an important feature for light nodes (mobile nodes, …)
  • an audit database which keeps tracks of received/sent/relayed payments and miners fee, and new auditnetworkfees and channelstats API calls
  • a “smooth” fee rate estimator, which will prevent channels from being closed when onchain fees change suddenly and peers don’t agree on onchain fee rates
  • temporary bans of peers that send too many bad routing info items (such as channels announcements for channels that have already been closed)

Users running an older version of Eclair are recommended to upgrade their node to this new release.

The binaries and a complete change log can be found on Eclair’s Github.


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