This Week in Lightning

Here’s what happend in Lightning this week.

Lightning Spin is now 3 months old. Thousands of payments later, 2.7 BTC were wagered by 1,000 users, from 67 different countries 2,000 withdrawals were paid out, with less than $1.00 (13k sats) spent in fees. The largest withdrawal was 700k satoshis, with no fees paid.

According to LightningPeach’s LN Monitor, the median fee for sending 1 BTC over LN is 101 satoshis. In other words, send $6,500 for $0.0066.

Benchmarking Blockstream‘s c-lightning delivered up to ~250 transactions per second between two nodes running in a Fedora Linux VM. 10,000 paid invoices in ~40 seconds.


New additions to our Site


New Mainnet Node online

Next to our 2 testnet nodes, now has a new Lightning MainNet node online, running Bitcoin Core & C-Lightning. Connection details can be found here.


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