Zap Desktop 0.3.4 is out

This update includes new features, massive performance improvements, a slew of bug fixes and overall stability enhancements.

Zap 0.3.4 comes packaged with LND’s new 0.5.2-beta release and support for connecting to an LND instance running any commit. Zap will dynamically choose the correct proto file so it can connect and be backwards compatible with any LND version.

Support for lightning payment links and lndconnect links, whether the app is open or not. No matter the state of Zap, if a user wants to connect to Zap with an external service or make a payment, Zap just works.

Massive performance improvements for larger routing nodes with many channels or transactions and improvements in error handling across the board, especially when connecting to remote nodes.

This release inches us closer to the next major release, 0.4.0 with will have some major new features.


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