LND #2691

LND #2691 increases the default address look-ahead value during recovery from 250 to 2,500. This is the number of keys derived from an HD seed that the wallet uses when rescanning the block chain for your funds. Previously, if your node gave out more than 250 addresses or pubkeys without any of them being used, your node would not find your complete balance on its first rescan, requiring you to initiate additional attempts. Now, you’d need to give out more than 2,500 addresses before reiteration might become necessary. An earlier version of this PR wanted to set this value to 25,000, but there were concerns that this would significantly slow down rescanning with the BIP158 Neutrino implementation, so the value was decreased until it could be shown that people needed a value that high. (Note: checking addresses against a BIP158 filter is very fast by itself; the problem is that any match requires downloading and scanning the associated block—even if it’s a false-positive match. The more addresses you check, the greater the number of expected false positives, so scanning becomes slower and requires more bandwidth.)


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