LND #2313

LND #2313 implements code and RPCs that allow LND nodes to use static channel backups. This is based on the Data Loss Protection (DLP) protocol implemented in LND #2370 to allow backing up a single file containing all of your current channel state at any point and then enabling restoring from that file at any later point to get your remote peer to help you to close any of those channels in their latest state (excluding unfinalized routed payments (HTLCs)). Note: despite the “static” in this feature’s name, this is not like an HD wallet one-time backup. It’s a backup that needs to be done at least as often as each time you open a new channel—but that’s much better than the current state where you may not be able to recover any funds from any of your channels if you lose data. Further improvements to backup robustness are mentioned in the PR’s description. See the description of LND #2370 in Newsletter #31 for more details on how DLP-based backup and recovery works. Getting this major improvement to backups merged was one of the major goals for upcoming LND version 0.6-beta.


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