C-Simple wallet for Mobile and Desktop

C-simple is a basic and easy-to-use (“c-simple” means phonetically “it’s easy !” in french) mobile and desktop interface to the C-lightning Lightning Network daemon. It uses an API hosted on top of the daemon and a mutual authentication with x509 certificates, to make a secure connection possible from a mobile application.


The Android app is available in the Play store here:

Suredbits NFL, NBA and Crypto API’s

Suredbits’ Lightning App API allows you to query NFL, NBA and Crypto Exchange data. Their NFL and NBA APIs offer multiple channels including teams, players, games, scores, and statistics. Their Crypto Exchange API allows you to stream data on Trades, Tickers and Order Books.

Usage of the API is charged over Lightning Network per call or per streaming data period.


WordPress plugin for managing & using your LND node

LND For WP is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage and use your LND node, right from your WordPress administration panel. It provides a fully functional wallet interface, allowing you to send and recieve funds across the Lightning Network with ease. The user interface is responsive and will adapt to fit any web enabled desktop, tablet or mobile device. You can search the Lightning Network graph, manage peer connections and open & close channels with ease. The plugin has QR support, enabling basic encoding & decoding of QR codes. LND For WP also adds a number of WordPress ‘shortcodes’, allowing you to embed LND functionality directly in your website pages and posts. New Shortcodes will be added with future versions, as needs & use cases arise.


Bitlum Chrome Extension Wallet

Bitlum is a Lightning Network mainnet web wallet. Fast, easy, and without the need to install a node. Setting up only takes 5 minute access.

The wallet referral system will allow you to onboard new people in Lightning within 3 minutes, by giving them a free $0.1 bonus on registration, so that they can try the Lightning Network even without having Bitcoin.


tippin.me Twitter Integration

The Lightning Wallet and Tipping service tippin.me released extensions for Chrome and Firefox that integrate it’s service with Twitter.

You will see a lightning icon below every tweet. By clicking on the icon, you can immediately make a donation to the author of that tweet (on condition that he has a tippin.me account of course).

The plug-in still has some bugs, and doesn’t display in the new Twitter layout, but those things should be fixed soon.

The Chrome extension can be found here:

The Firefox add-on: