Lightning Development

  • Polar - One-click Bitcoin Lightning networks for local app development & testing. If you’re developing Lightning Network applications, Polar is a great tool to emulate full-blown networks in...
  • Boltwall - Bitcoin Lightning paywall and authentication using LSATs. Charge to access your API without requiring user accounts, API keys, credit cards, or storing any user data. All you need is...
  • LND Mailing List - A discussion list for developers, users, and service/applications built upon the Lightning Network Daemon (lnd). This list is intended to serve as a non-transient mailing list for...
  • Lightning-dev Mailing List - Development discussion of the Lightning Network Bitcoin Caching Layer
  • WebLN - This library provides the spec and client libraries for WebLN, a way of interacting with a user's Lightning node via the browser.
  • lndash - lndash is a simple read-only web dashboard for lnd - Lightning Network Daemon
  • pystrike - Python wrapper for Acinq’s Strike lightning network payment service.
  • LightningTip-PHP - A simple way to accept tips via the Lightning Network on your website.
  • LightningTip - A simple way to accept tips via the Lightning Network on your website.
  • nanotip - A simple web server for accepting lightning donations.
  • Lightning Jukebox - A Lightning powered Jukebox. Pay with Bitcoin to choose your music from YouTube.
  • paypercall - Charge for HTTP APIs on a pay-per-call basis with Bitcoin and Lightning.
  • filebazaar - Sell digital files with Bitcoin & Lightning
  • nanopos - A simple Lightning point-of-sale system with a clean & minimal web UI.
  • PHP lnd gRPC client - This library is a gRPC client for lnd version 0.5-beta. It is generated code from rpc.proto.
  • Django-charged - Django-charged is a REST / websocket app that allows (bitcoin) lightningd integration into a Django project.
  • lightning-rest - Rest API for the lightningd daemon.
  • LightningJ - LightningJ is a project with the intention to simplify the integration of existing Lightning node implementations for Java developers. It contains simple to use API implementations...
  • Lightning Charge - A drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments, built on top of c-lightning.
  • lnrpc-client - A gRPC client for the Lightning Network Daemon (LND), generated automatically from their lnrpc/rpc.proto file
  • LND-GUI - Providing a simple user interface on top of the lnd gRPC methods. Barebones project not meant to function as a wallet with good UX, just provide a basic user interface to replicate...
  • Lightning Labs - Lightning Labs taking blockchains to the next layer.
  • Autopilot for C-Lightning - The C-Lightning plugin repository received an autopilot plugin that can help users choose one or more channels to open to start sending LN payments. The plugin is based on an earlier...
  • Python LND GRPC library - A simple library to provide a Python 3 interface to the lnd lightning client gRPC.
  • LN Parser - An app for developers to experiment and learn on how to use “Lightning Payment Decoder and Encoder”
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