Lightning Other

  • Lndroid.Messenger - Messaging over Lightning on Android.
  • Whatsat - Send Private Messages via the Lightning Network. Whatsat is a client application for LND that demonstrates how the Lightning Network can be used as an end-to-end encrypted, onion-routed,...
  • Lightning Space - Buy webspace with Bitcoin Lightning. You will receive the specified amount of SSD-webspace for the specified amount of days. Included is PHP 7.2, a MySQL (MariaDB) database, SSH and...
  • Bitfinex Funding Bot - Automate your Bitfinex Funding and get optimized returns. I am the only funding bot that you can feed with Bitcoin Lightning. Sign up now with coupon code "BFXBOT-TRIAL" and get...
  • Bitsoapbox - Forum style website where you can earn bitcoin by participating, daily and weekly prizes with micro payments made possible via the lightning network.
  • Lightning Faucet - Lightning Faucet is a way to test sending and receiving from your lightning wallet and receive free bitcoin. You can deposit as much as you like but can only withdraw a maximum of 100...
  • LNCast - Lightning Network Podcasts
  • Lightning Decoder - Lightning Decoder is a utility for decoding lightning network payment requests (BOLT11).
  • Lightning Node Match - Find the best nodes to connect to in order to maximize te number of nodes reached in a minimum number of hops.
  • Lightning Payment Request Decoder - For decoding lightning network payment requests as defined in BOLT #11.
  • CryptoAlly - is a place to discover quotes of Satoshis and Bitcoin in 100+ currencies at real time. The value transfer of Satoshis is powered by Lightning Network.
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