Lightning Plug-ins & Add-ons

  • LND for WP - LND For WP is a WordPress plugin that allows you to manage and use your LND node, right from your WordPress administration panel. It provides a fully functional wallet interface, allowing...
  • WooCommerce Plugin for Bitcoin Lightning - Plugin to accept Bitcoin Lightning payments at WooCommerce stores, using LND.
  • c-lightning-events - C-Lightning plugin to listen to events via WebSocket.
  • Plugins for c-lightning - Community curated plugins for c-lightning.
  • Joule - Bring the power of lightning to the web with in-browser payments and identity, all with your own node. Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave.
  • lndmanage - Channel management tool for lightning network daemon (LND) operators.
  • OpenCart LN Payment Gateway - A free payment gateway for Bitcoin Lightning Network for store owners who use OpenCart and have their own LN node.
  • Lightning Publisher for WordPress - Lightning Publisher for WordPress allows you to offer previews of your blog posts and require a Lightning Network payment to release the rest.
  • Lightning Network Service - A Node.js interface to LND
  • lseed - A DNS seed for the Lightning Network. Upon first joining the Lightning Network, a node must open a few connections to existing nodes in the network. However, it can only learn of...
  • WooCommerce Gateway Plugin for Lightning - Gateway plugin to accept Lightning payments at WooCommerce stores, based on Lightning Charge.
  • lncli-web - Light-weight web client for the lnd daemon written in NodeJS / Angular.
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