Lightning Wallets

  • Eclair Mobile - Eclair Mobile is a next generation, Lightning-ready Bitcoin wallet developed by ACINQ. It can be used as a regular Bitcoin wallet, and can also connect to the Lightning Network for...
  • - An online custodial Lightning Wallet that is also popular for tipping online, on Twitter and other Social Media.
  • Muun Wallet - Muun is a non-custodial Bitcoin and Lightning wallet that allows you to make instant payments with zero channel configuration and pay off-chain invoices powered by submarine swaps.
  • Zap - Zap is a free Lightning Network wallet, focused on user experience and ease of use, with the overall goal of helping the cryptocurrency community scale Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Zeus LN - A mobile Bitcoin/Lightning app for lnd and c-lightning node operators
  • Bottle Pay - Online custodial Lightning Wallet and tipping tool with connections to lots of Social Media.
  • Lightning Wallets Comparison - A full comparison of popular Lightning wallets.
  • Nayuta Wallet - Nayuta Wallet is a non-custodial wallet for Bitcoin & Lightning.
  • Phoenix - Phoenix is a Bitcoin wallet with native, non-custodial Lightning support. It has an inuitive and simple UX.
  • Sats App - Send bitcoin like you send text messages, earn SatsBack rewards and easily connect your Casa Node to use the Lightning Network wherever you are.
  • Shango - Shango is a new way to experience the power of a full Lightning node on mobile devices. It is the only app that offers you a choice to either connect to your own LND server, instantly...
  • Lightning Peach - Open-source, cross-platform Lightning & Bitcoin wallet led by Bitfury Group LightningPeach team. Designed to introduce smooth user experience and take the Lightning Network closer...
  • Lightning App - Lightning App Is a cross-platform wallet developed by Lightning Labs.
  • - is a lightning network custodial wallet developed by Alex Bosworth, currently running on testnet. It can be used as a faucet, because you receive free testnet coins after creating...
  • Spark Wallet - A minimalistic wallet GUI for c-lightning, accessible over the web or through mobile and desktop apps.
  • Rawtx LN Wallet - Rawtx is an open-source lightning network wallet powered by lnd which allows you to send and receive Bitcoins both on blockchain and lightning network.
  • Breez - Breez is a zero-configuration, non-custodial, Neutrino-based Lightning client with a simple user experience. Breez offers Connect-to-pay for P2P payments, creating and paying Lightning...
  • Lightning Wallet - Anton Kumaigorodski’s Lightning Wallet using the ACINQ/Eclair implementation, this project uses a special monetized backend service “Olympus” providing fiat prices and other wallet...
  • Bluewallet - A Bitcoin and Lightning wallet for iOS and Android. Easy to use and secure.
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