Development and Apps

LND-GUI in browser
Lightweight LND Dashboard
Another Dashboard for LND
WooCommerce Plugin for c-lightning
WooCommerce Plugin for LND
Javascript RPC client for LND
Lightning Charge
DNS Seed for Lightning Network
Lightning REST service
LND Integration API for Java
REST server for the Lightningd RPC
A RESTful API in node.js to interact with LND
A Django-charged REST/websocket app
PHP LND 4.0-beta gRPC client
Nanopos, a Point of Sale system on c-lightning
FileBazaar, sell digital files with c-lightning
Lightning Publisher for WooCommerce on c-lightning
Pay per Call, charge for HTTP API’s (c-lightning)
Lightning Jukebox, a full demo on c-lightning
NanoTip, a tipjar on c-lightning
LightningTip, a tipjar on LND
Lightning Payment Request Decoder
npm gRPC API Lightning wraper in nodeJS
Python library for Acinq’s Strike lightning payment web service
Remote interface for c-lightning in Python
LN Rebalance

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