Setup and Tutorials

If you want to go the easy way, certainly have a look at Pierre Rochard’s node launchers for Windows and MacOS which you can find here. These are executables that will install Bitcoin and Lightning on Windows or macOS machine.

Pierre Rochard’s Bitcoin and Lightning Node Launchers

As Lightning development is moving fast, some of these turorials may be outdated.

Beginner’s Guide to Lightning️ on a Raspberry Pi
The perfect Bitcoin Lightning Node
Setup Tutorial for Windows
ZAP Wallet setup for Windows (video)
Run your own Lightning Node
Beginners Guide to Lightning on Raspberry Pi
Setup LND 0.4 beta and bitcoind on Ubuntu 16.04
setup C-lightning on Debian, with or without TOR (french)
Bitcoin Core + LND 0.4 Beta (mainnet) Installer for Raspberry
Setting up an LTC lightning node on MAC
How to build your own portable plug-in Lightning node!


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